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Do you wish you had Ai keyboard iOS that was designed to help you work more efficiently? Are you tired of struggling with the limited functionality of your iPhone’s keyboard? Look no further custom keyboards than the Advanced Keyboard — Translator app!

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Ai Keyboard iOS — Advanced Keyboard Ai

Ideas on how to improve various things occasionally appear in our minds, and perhaps some ideas for improving the keyboard have also occurred to you. So, when a critical mass of these ideas was reached, we created this custom keyboard app for all of us!


Custom keyboards features list!

Translators for more than 100 languages are built right into the custom keyboard.

Clipboard — now you can create a list of frequently used phrases in advance and not type them constantly! Just insert them directly from our modified keyboard!

The built-in text-to-speech feature in the iPhone is great, but sometimes texts are read in the wrong language. In our keyboard, you can read the text aloud in the language you selected!

Our keyboard has twice as many Frequently used emojis! Because it’s timetaking when they dissapear from that list.

By the way, all symbols such as # @ * + = & numbers, and many others are now available in one click!

I never understood why there is a backspace button, but no Delete button? Now it’s also there!

Comma, does anyone use it? I think so, that’s why it deserves a separate place) there’s also a separate «dot» button.

There’s a button to hide the keyboard, sometimes it’s very helpful.

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Settings-> General-> Keyboard-> Keyboards -> Add New Keyboard!
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Translate and read aloud!

Translate any text to any language! Also you can paste texts and read aloud!

time management

Time saver

Our App will save you time! For example you can save your emails to clipboard and paste anytime. Or similarly any frequently used texts!



We don’t collect any data. Only 3rd party services such ass Google Ads, Firebase and OneSignal collecting their needed data.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, the App is free and you can always use it for free!

What about competitor keyboards?

There are some competitor keyboard Apps, but they doesn’t have functionality like our ai keyboard iOS has, you can always try and compare yourself:

You can download Gboard keyboard here

You can download Wordboard keyboard here

You can download Microsoft Swift Keyboard here

How can I cancel my subscription?

Standart Appstore subscription cancellation.

What happens when my subscription ends?

You can use our app for free

How do I register?

No registration needed

How am I protected?

You can check our [Privacy Policy…] and [Terms and Conditions…]. We don’t collect any data.

Are there any offers?

In case you buy yearly subscription, you are getting some discount.

Do you offer support?

Yes, you can write us here on contacts page or in case of emergency by whatsapp +77772800311

Where is your head office?

Our head office is in Almaty city, Republic of Kazakhstan.

Can I provide feedback?

Yes, please provide us a feedback in the AppStore!

Advanced Keyboard - Translator App

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